EDbU Event 2020 – NOTICE

DearEDbU members,

The Organisational board is apologising for the inconvenience but have to inform you that the next Event in May 2020:

 4th EDbU Conference “DeSIGNed Europe for Deafblind Women“, 7th EDbU Annual General Assembly, 3rd Deafblind Youth Forum and 1st Deafblind Elderly Forum 

will be postponed due to the coronavirus- Covid 19 outbreak since the Croatian Government informed everyone to cancel all the upcoming public events and gatherings and it is hard to predict the future development of this situation.

In the attachment you can find the “Letter” of the EDbU President Sanja Tarczay, Ph.D. and her speech on the following link with all the important information.

We also would like to ask the member organizations to inform us how you are dealing the current situation in your county, how the services for deafblind people are provided. Please send your information to me.

We hope that everyone will stay safe and responsible since that is the only way to put an end to this situation.

In behalf of Sanja Tarczay Ph.D., the president of EDbU

Kind regards
Tamás Gangl
EC member